Jim Shaw was instrumental in helping me locate a retail property that I needed to purchase to complete a 1031 exchange. My criteria was very specific, and Jim Shaw left no stone unturned to help me source, negotiate, and complete the necessary due diligence. Jim has unparalleled listening, communicating, and negotiating skills and has a depth of experience in commercial real estate that is unsurpassed. I could not have asked for a better broker to ensure that my needs were his top priority. I would highly recommend Jim Shaw to anyone seeking a true professional with honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic, killer negotiation skills, and a desire to exceed expectations. And best of all, Jim delivered it all on time and with a smile!

Michelle Savage



Jim is all about helping his clients to be successful in their real estate transactions. He knows how to navigate the world of TIC's and has been a tremendous resource in helping our group to move forward on the sale of our property. Without Jim, we would be nowhere. We feel that with his expertise and counsel, we have a much better chance to recover the greatest possible return on our investment. I have been very impressed with Jim and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Lee Smith

Our experience with Jim Shaw of CapHarbor was exceptional. His negotiations with our asset manager were methodical and effective for our TIC. Over months of negotiations he increased the amount of the selling price that greatly benefited the TIC members as a group. We would highly recommend him to be used with any negotiations you may consider. 

Martin and Kevin Brenneke



Jim and I have worked together very effectively, and I’ve got great respect for his instincts, abilities and years of experience on brokerage and TIC/DST deals.  On the last deal we worked on together, he was responsible for negotiating a multi-million dollar increase in the net sales proceeds to the sellers.  My role was to help ensure the sellers understood their legal exposure (there was a conflict of interest issue), which brought them to the table.  Then Jim went to work negotiating the financial aspects and, using an extremely professional and civil approach, drove the price much higher than what the TICs ever would have received. Then I took the lead on negotiating the transaction documents, which included (at my insistence) a release and indemnity in favor of the investors.  One of the challenges in these deals is that many of the documents leave the investors with potential liability even after they sell – something I always try to address. Together, Jim and I pulled together a deal that turned out well for the investors.

Jim would be of particular value when it comes to a discussion of what the property could afford to pay by way of distributions and, if there were to be a sale, how to push for the highest price for the owners.  You need someone to dive into the financials and argue your case.  Same with a sales process, if it goes that way.  If Jim weren’t already involved in the discussion, I’d be suggesting that you get him on board for just this reason.  On the last deal we worked on, he created value far in excess of his fees.  In addition to his financial expertise, Jim has deep familiarity with the industry and its players, and has good instincts about what’s likely to move negotiations along and get to closure – whatever the group decides on.  

Adam Engelskirchen, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, CA


I was in a Hyatt Place Hotel commercial property in Texas that was structured in a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST).  I had no voting power as the trustee holds all votes in a DST.  Our asset manager/sponsor had been careless in management and had missed dates that affected the sale of the property.  Our group hired Jim Shaw to negotiate with our manager to get the property marketed and sold.  Jim oversaw the sale process to the end to ensure that the transaction was transparent and we, as investors, maximized our return.  With out Jim's help I'm sure our resulting payout would have been less.  Jim was a straight shooter, transparent and had the ability to keep the other side at the table.  I am happy to recommend Jim to anyone in a commercial real estate investment due to his extensive industry experience, knowledge, and  ability to negotiate in a professional environment. You don't want to be in one of these commercial deals alone. 

John Coles

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